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SUPERSTAR_13 In 1976, the artist Sanja Iveković realized the project Triangl-Trokut (1979), performance, duration: 18 min. During Tito's visit to Zagreb, the artist ignores the instructions of the security services and reads Tom Bottomore's book Elite and Society on the balcony of her house in a T-shirt with an American inscription and simulates masturbation. The work was later shown as a series of photographs. - In 2023, Museum of contemporary art Zagreb / MSU, presents a retrospective of the artist. As part of the Superstar13 cycle, we are producing a video performance "Not attending a retrospective", which is basically a reenactment of the Triangle from 1976. The artist, dressed in an American t-shirt commemorating the twin towers 9/11, reads the original edition of the book Armed forces of Yugoslavia / Oružane snage Sfrj, simulates self-pleasure with the other hand, and does all this in front of the poster announcing the retrospective of the artist Ivekovic. And in front of the monument Pregnant Memory, the work of a same artist, from Brussels in 1998, placed in front of the Museum. - The above is enough to form the work, it fulfills the criteria of contemporary artistic action: it provokes the original work with signs, but also protests against the decision to create a retrospective of an active contemporary artist at all, as well as to treat the contemporary art museum as an institution of the 19th century. - The real purpose of the project is completely different. It was posted on Instagram, with neat hashtags and texts, but it was immediately deleted. The time required for deletion is 3 seconds. So, the project circulated on the digital network for about 3 seconds. The same is done with a dozen similar projects, which thus form the deletion documentation. Erasure does not create nothingness but a void that attracts both images and bodies as if to some magical excess.

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