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Leo Katunarić Kadele (LK2), is a visual artist and author. Educated as a theater director (Zagreb Croatia), he develops polyphonic artistic practice by constantly expanding in the media and forms. He is the author of numerous contemporary art projects in Japan, China, India, Colombia, the United States, Italy, Germany, Mexico, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Syria, and Croatia. He deliberately creates artificial social situations in order to collect Zeitgeist data. Such information is used in negotiations between human and machine intelligence. The result of the negotiations are non-objects, artifacts made by human hands, but whose meaning fluctuates through space and time.

He is socially active as the founder and leader of festivals, institutions and platforms for the development of contemporary art (KantunArt, MaxArtFest, Zkm Zagreb). He collaborates as a curator, selector and artist with numerous international institutions, from the Iberoamericano Festival Bogota Colombia, Tokas Japan, National Museum Beijing China, Oldenburg University Germany, Music Bienalle and Mimara Museum Zagreb Croatia, Museum of the contemporary art Zagreb, Croatia. He is an author of  "Artistic perfomance in the digital culture" Leykam international Zagreb 2022., "Medea95" University of Genova Italy, 2000, "The return of Europe, a cow" Plima Zagreb Croatia 2007. Phd in the field of a contemporary art - teatrology of hybrid digital/human perfomances (2021). He has participated and exhibited at professional conferences in Israel, China, Serbia, Austria, and Croatia.


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