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Is this a video performance, a demonstration of political power, a rebellion against parents, an unstable art form, a hybrid of different performance dramaturgies, a drive to change identities until time stops, fear of foreigners, fear of genetics, maybe this resistance to clear categorizations is pathetic, forms that are comprehensible, meanings that elude generalities. We are alone. Damn alone even when we shout in a group.

Constructing Redeath machine Japan.jpg
Ordination 3.jpg

Inspired by the fact that a person's identity changes or is forced to be forced due to a major social event or disaster, "Re-Death Machine" is a fictitious system created by Katunarić as a device for the creation of "another possible life / personality / identity". By incorporating people's real dreams and desires into fiction, we will try a new approach to our identity and reality in today's world living in a virtual world. The exhibition consists of nine images and an installation of paintings based on it, and the story progresses as you tour the building, which was also used as a stage setting. On the first day of the exhibition, visitors can also participate in the work as part of "Re-Death Machine".

HOSPITALE PROJECT Exhibition|Leo Katunaric “Constructing Re-Death Machine” (

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