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THE ROOMS OF STRENGTH    TOKYO_JAPAN GPS PERFORMANCE as an artistic subversion of the system. Intertwining physical and digital performance. As Google has published historical maps of Tokyo, revealing already forgotten areas where the lowest caste of Japanese, burakumin, once lived. Members of the Burakumin have integrated into society over the decades, but the publication of old maps has linked their surnames to forgotten prejudices. The Rooms of Strength is a project by which human fighters revolted against a powerful digital system. Google Earth and Maps present the world as a closed and controlled room. Through a series of street performances, organized and guided by the instructions of a subversive hacker digital network community, LK_2 inscribes new identities in the territory of the city of Tokyo. The fusion of human and digital performance leads to new mappings that are not statistically accurate but are emotional and erotic. Within Google’s controlled world, a room of strength is created, modeled on the poet Keats ’idea of creating worlds and ourselves once we step out of the childhood room.

batch_LK_2 TOKIO.jpg
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